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Isis History
In 1991, the promotion of several girl scouts into the pioneers unit caused the Daniel Bliss Group to re-establish its pioneers unit after their being united with the Tarek Bin Ziad Rovers’ unit for several years. The Daniel Bliss Group Leader at that time was Chief Wael El-Zein, and the new comers to the pioneers were in the leadership of Chieftain Carine Arayssi and Chief Nizar Katerji (who was the rovers’ leader). The name of the unit was still Isis Pioneers and Elisar Squad.
After being closed for several years, again, The Isis Pioneers Unit was re-established in December 2002 by the re-enrollment of an old timer. By the year 2004, the unit included 10 pioneers in the leadership of Chieftain Hiba Najm. The unit was maintained on and off and restructured By Chieftain Jana Haounji in 2011 with 7 committed pioneers.

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