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1935: The Group has begun with the Civic Welfare League as part of the American University Boy Scouts.
1943: Dr. Philip Najjar, with the help of two Great Britain soldiers, established the Daniel Bliss Group which was called “Esta’adadi Scout”. The group included The Sionee Cub Scouts and the Leslie Levit Scouts.
1946: The group associated with the Lebanese Boy Scout Association under the name of Beirut Four.
1953: After the scouts and the rovers had been one unit, in 1953 they were separated, with an increase in the number of Rovers.
1960: The music scout troop was founded
1974: The group suspended its activities due to the civil war.
1980: The groups’ activities were reactivated.
1983: The group was composed of 3 Cub-scouts units (Beavers, Sionee, Mafking), Boy scouts, Girl scouts, Rovers and Pioneers.
1985: The scout’s den was inaugurated at International College "IC", Ras-Beirut.


Who is Daniel Bliss?
Born on July 17, 1832 in Georgia, U.S.A.
On the 23rd of November 1855, he got married to Abby Maria Wood and was assigned by the American Board of Commissions for Foreign Missions as the head of The Protestant Missionary in Syria and Lebanon.
Daniel Bliss and his wife reached Lebanon on February 11, 1865 and settled in Abay which was the center of higher education at that time and started a school over there. His wife was the first to establish a school for females. As soon as the School of Abay was insufficient for the growing Protestant Missionary, he studied the idea of establishing a college.
On December 1866, the college was inaugurated and was known as the “Syrian Protestant College” before it became the “American University of Beirut”. Daniel Bliss was its first president.
On Thursday August 27,1916 Daniel Bliss passed away at the age of 84, in his house at the American University of Beirut. 

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