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Put Some Colors On!

A retreat and training allocated for the entire leadership team  on September 11, 2012 with the purpose of:

• Share the desired state of the group among the team.
• Share the leader’s view of the current state.
• Share the Group leadership view of the current state.
• GAP analysis for the team to reach the desired state (develop one among each other, and show a previously designed one by group leadership for comparison).
• Strengthen the team bonding and interaction among the leaders.
• Provide proper know-how for the leaders to be able to perform their tasks properly and manage their units successfully.
• Develop proper leader mindset or mental approach towards unit leadership and cooperation.

"Put Some Colors On"  is the groups moto for the year, it aims at empowering all members young and old to fill their lives with colorful, symbolic, and meaningful purposes that will assure their success and development as a group as well as individuals.

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