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Who We Are

Our group is one of many groups of the Lebanese Scouts Association.

The Lebanese Scout Association was established in 1935 at the American University of Beirut. LSA is a non-religious, non-sectarian, volunteer-based association with groups located in various parts of the country operating out of social/civic clubs and leading schools across Lebanon. LSA is recognized as the appropriate provider of choice, of outdoor and non-formal education.






We are one of many groups that are composed of boys and girls of various age groups.

Daniel Bliss group was founded in 1943 in Beirut-Lebanon at the International College which was known back then as the Preparatory School. Daniel Bliss group has exhibited throughout the years the importance and contribution of scouting in the upbringing of young individuals to be active Leaders in life, aware and openminded to the community and surroundings, most importantly aware of the importance of Loyalty to country and family life. Daniel Bliss group has always and will always exhibit Good spirit and distinguished character among its individuals; It is something we take pride in and will always call “The B4 Spirit”.


Why Us

We are a part of the Lebanese Scouts Association. Our mission is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Law and Promise, where our members are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a leading, responsible and constructive role in society.


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